The latest issue of Weekly Jump has new information on Dragon Quest Builders 2, introducing the newly discovered Monzola Island and its inhabitants Chako and Bananzo.

Get the details below.

Restore the Rich Greenery of the Island that Turned Barren

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can experience various types of building. On the newly discovered Monzola Island, it seems that the soil has rotted and the crops are not growing. Solve this problem and restore the island’s plantation together with its inhabitants.


An inhabitant of Monzola Island. A self-proclaimed field farming prodigy, she is trying to restore the greenery of Monzola Island, as well as its former plantation.


An inhabitant of Monzola Island. An old man with rough hair and a beard. While he works with Chako in field farming, he no longer seems to be very interested due to the influence of the Hargon Order.

Building is Bad!?

In this world, the Hargon Order spreads the doctrine that “building is bad” to the people in order to obstruct builders.

The Babango Fruit Rotting the Soil

The direct cause of the rotting soil is the Babango Fruit. This pink-colored fruit will sometimes appear around the island, and when it explodes it rots the soil.

Familiar Monsters from Dragon Quest II Aplenty

Familiar monsters from Dragon Quest II will appear, including the iron ant, orc, and badboon.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is due out for PlayStation 4 and Switch on December 20 in Japan.

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