Thousand Games has released a new video featuring Synaptic Drive director Kouji Kenjou, who discusses how the competitive 3D shooting game came about, its key features, and its Wire mechanic.

Here is the transcript:

How did this project come about?

“Over these past few years, I wanted to reconstruct my view of games, and played various games in order to do so. I started to think again about ‘the games I can make’ with ‘the games I like,’ and it resulted in this project.”

What are the key features of this game?

“You can freely customize [your mech]. Speedy movement is a key point. The nature of the game is to corner enemies, and one key feature of the game is that you can see the entire field. You use both joysticks. A mechanic called Wires is a major feature of this game.”

What are Wires?

“It’s a weapon that stretches a ribbon of light from the player’s arm to the ground and causes blasts or other effects along that line. By manipulating the wire and changing its arc at will, you can surround your opponents, block their paths, and eventually finish them off. It’s a weapon that makes full use of the game’s unique strategy of ‘attacking in areas, not in lines.’”

Synaptic Drive is in development for Switch and PC.

Watch the video below.

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