Epic Games may have accidentally revealed an early look at a possible revive system for Fortnite. Mysterious vans have shown up in the game’s Replay Mode since Season 8 began earlier today, and look like they’ll provide a means for a player to re-enter a game once they’re down and out.

At time of writing, the vans only show up in replay mode, not in the game itself, so we can’t tell what they actually do. It’s likely that they’re acting as placeholders for a mechanic that’s not yet ready to be widely rolled out, but that means that we can get a closer look.

You can’t drive the vehicles, but it looks like they’ll be found in set locations around the map. They don’t look dissimilar to the game’s iconic Battle Buss, with similar struts across the vans’ wheels, although there are a few details that set them apart. Most notable is the giant hologram that sits on the roof, but there’s also a logo on the side and a series of buttons to be found towards the back of the van.

That logo looks pretty similar to the banners that players can pick up in Apex Legends, which allow players to revive fallen teammates. My guess is that allies will be able to pick up Epic’s takes on the situation from their fallen friends, and make a dash for a van.

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From there, heading towards the back of the van and plugging in that banner will likely respawn a new version of your pal from the hologram on top o the van. Character model and skin will likely be intact, but the holographic element would suggest you won’t have access to your weapons.

These strange vans are showing up in replay mode. from r/FortNiteBR

If that’s the case, then this’ll be incredibly similar to the system that Apex Legends introduced to the genre when it launched earlier this month. Epic quickly made it clear that it was keeping a close eye on its new competitor, suggesting that it was looking into a respawn mechanic. The developer has already borrowed from Apex with Fortnite’s new ping system, and while this was all on the cards, I’m surprised at how quick – and how brazen – the turnaround has been.

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