It looks like Fortnite could be getting its first proper melee weapon. A new teaser appeared on the game’s Twitter account earlier today, showing off what looks to be developer Epic Games’ take on the mythical sword in the stone.

The teaser, which you can watch towards the bottom of this article, the camera fades through the mist to reveal a castle. As it turns out, that’s the very same castle you can see parts of in the game’s new snow biome – the tip of its tallest tower is currently poking through the snow, suggesting we’re about to see the game’s map change again at some point soon.

The teaser then zooms in on the castle courtyard, coming to a stop just in front of a sword embedded in a plinth. A figure then appears to the side of the shot, before wrenching the weapon free. That figure looks a lot like this season’s tier-100 skin, the Ice King, who we’ve already seen wielding the weapon – first in a season 7 teaser, and then again in its opening cinematic.

Interestingly, the sword is basically identical to the titular weapon from a previous game from Epic. Infinity Blade was a fighting RPG released in 2010 for iOS.

I’m not sure how the new weapon is going to work. The majority of Fortnite weapons work over pretty long distances, and while there are plenty of ways to cover ground, I’m not sure a sword is going to hold up against a sniper rifle. Some fans have suggested you’ll be able to use it to block damage, but I’d argue that building is a more effective way to handle that. It’s also possible that this is a teaser for a limited-time mode – I can see some significant similarities between this and the Thanos-style mode that appeared earlier this year.

There’s no release date for the sword just yet, but I’d imagine it’ll show up later this week. In the meantime, here are the Forbidden Dance locations, Fortnite RV locations, and Fortnite metal turtle locations you’ll need to complete the first week of challenges for Season 7.

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