Japanese developer Studio Muma will release a turn-based RPG titled Dream Story: Origin for PC via Steam on March 22 in Japan, the company announced.

While the game is planned for an initial release on PC, Studio Muma said it also wants to release Dream Story: Origin on consoles, both via download and as a physical edition.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

A Miraculous Dream Story

Dream Story: Origin is a miraculous tale of dreams and nightmares, featuring dream worlds inhabited by over 100 characters. As a young boy led to these worlds, players will uncover the mysteries hidden within. Each world offers a unique setting and atmosphere, as well as strange characters to encounter. Set out on a grand adventure to explore unknown worlds!

Dream Links are the key to the game! People and things linked by dreams will accompany you on your journey as Dream Fragments—the power of which can be used to solve the problems occurring in the dream worlds. Characters will accompany you into other dreams and further enliven the story. Collect all the Dream Fragments scattered about the dream worlds!

As you progress through each dream’s story, the dreams will influence one another and their stories will further connect. You can progress through this Chain Scenario System in the method of your choosing and experience the story in various ways.

Simple and Exciting Battles

As you progress through your journey, battles against dream dwellers will unfold. Battles use a turn-based command system that fuses trading card games and RPGs, and that anyone can play with ease! In battle, the Dream Fragments you have linked act as your power in battle. One piece from your pool can be used per turn. Character pieces can be “summoned” onto the field, while item pieces offer immediate effects.

Characters possess a maximum of three skills, and while their power varies by skill, they also have various effects. Characters also possess unique skills that allow players to exhibit a variety of power on the field. By combining skills, you can even create unexpected combos!

Battles are over when the enemy or player party is defeated. Prepare for battle by collecting the Dream Fragments scattered about the dream worlds, and develop a strategy all your own!

Watch a trailer below. Visit the official website here.

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