Another instant-death spot appears to have opened up in Fortnite battle royale. Earlier this week, players reported that stepping on a specific game tile just outside Fatal Fields would force a dramatic exit from the game, and now a similar bug seems to have reared its head on the opposite side of the map.

Earlier today, Reddit user SlevinVega posted a clip, pointing out a particular spot just outside The Block. Crouching down in a divot next to the named location automatically finished the player off in tournament mode, and the problem persisted when they returned to the spot in Creative Mode.

The first ‘death spot’ appeared over by Fatal Fields – the Fork Knife quarry that appeared alongside the rest of the Fortnite Season 8 map changes features a single terrain tile that instantly ends the game of anybody unlucky enough to stumble over it. The likelihood is that these particular dips cross-over with the game’s underground kill-zone, which is intended to stop players glitching under the map.

Epic says that it’s aware of the Fork Knife problem, and looking to fix it, but doesn’t seem to have acknowledged the new death spot. It’s also not clear whether this issue has the potential to impact other areas across the map.

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Elsewhere in Fortnite, you’ll need to be heading underground. Buried Treasure maps have arrived in the game since the beginning of Season 8,  but you’ll have to hope that digging them out won’t make you stumble across another death-spot.

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