Fortnite’s Infinity Blade is getting nerfed, but the downgrade isn’t as substantial as you might be hoping – and Epic has plans for more of these ‘Mythic’ items in the future. After days full of calls to either remove the weapon or limit it to an LTM, that’s not what the community was hoping to here, but Epic is taking change slowly.

In patch 7.10 the Infinity Blade will no longer be able to harvest materials, and you’ll no longer be able to build while wielding it. While the blade’s ability to suck in materials as rained down destruction was certainly powerful, it’s more the massive health boosts, extraordinary leaping ability, and hugely damaging attacks that have players concerned. With those in place, most who pick up the blade don’t bother to build anyway.

Epic also plans to bring in more items like the Infinity Blade as part of a new Mythic item tier beyond Legendary, with the intent to “shake up normal play across default modes.” The Reddit post detailing all this doesn’t specify whether there’ll be multiple Mythic items in the game at once or if they’ll rotate, but it certainly sounds like the developers don’t plan to limit this to an LTM.

More details on Epic’s “competitive philosophy when it comes to new items, updates and seasons” will come next week, and this might be the most significant point. The Infinity Blade launched hours before the $1 million Winter Royale finals, and generally wrought havoc among the competition – both because it was overpowered, and because pros didn’t have time to prepare for it.

You’ll need to know the Infinity Blade location if you’re sticking through until the next update. Everybody else will be aiming for it, so you’ll need to stay vigilant until change further changes land.

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