Certain parts of Mortal Kombat 11 are capped at 30 frames per second, meaning you lose the silky smooth 60+ fps look during some of its more spectacular moments, such as fatalities and final blows. Developer NetherRealm Studios says it’s looking into raising that cap to 60 fps, but they don’t know if or when it’ll be implemented.

The areas where Mortal Kombat 11 is capped to 30 fps are the aforementioned animation sequences and Krypt mode, in which you explore a maze-like dungeon in search of chests containing extra loot, new fatalities, and new characters.

In the patch notes for Friday’s update, the developers write: “Additionally, on the topic of having the certain parts of the game run with a framerate cap of 30 FPS, we hear you. We’re currently working on providing the option to increase the caps in those areas to 60 FPS. We’ll have more details soon, stay tuned!”

Not a ton to go on, sure, but it’s certainly reassuring to hear the studio is working on a solution for the 30 fps cap. It’s particularly annoying in the Krypt, which feels stilted and off if you’ve been playing the rest of the game at higher framerates.

Here’s an example of a fatality, courtesy of Frost’s reveal trailer.

The latest patch also includes several bug fixes and adds support for Nvidia Highlights and Ansel functionality, so you can save all your own gory finishers and replay them for friends and relatives during holiday celebrations or birthday parties.

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Players will also need to perform a benchmark test before starting an online match in Towers of Time, which will help prevent problems caused by matching with players on under-powered machines.

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