As the new trailer for Hunt ‘n Sneak opens, I thought I was looking at a new spin on a cute, nature-based game, maybe a Pikmin or Pokemon type of situation. It turns out, it’s something altogether more frantic: Hunt ‘n Sneak is a couch co-op game where one player controls a ravenous nightmare beast, while everyone else is a little pixie scrambling to escape being eaten. It’s sort of a Pac-Man situation, except in this case, Pac-Man is the bad guy. You have your choice of ‘Gobblers’ to terrify the pixies with: there’s Shadowclaw, Arocknid, Pugsley, and my personal favorite, Waxopus. You’ll stalk around Hunt ‘n Sneak’s various levels tracking down the pixies, who scream adorably when they’re frightened. As a pixie, you’re playing for time – at least one of you has to survive until time runs out. You can sneak around in the darkness, but to figure out where you are and navigate, you’ll need to use a ‘ping,’ which emits a burst of light that will alert the Gobbler player to where you are.

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