Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar could be calling time on his adventures in the world of GTA RP, according to comments he made in one of his recent streams. Mentioning being in a full “YOLO mode”, Summit1g says that he’s worried that he’s “not gonna be able to get to do some cool shit I wanna do.”

Revealing his thoughts mid-stream while heading into his GTA RP character’s in-game apartment, the streamer said that, while he’s “not totally sure yet”, he feels “like the end is near potentially for RP”, and that it’s “possible” he’ll leave the mod behind for good.

This follows on from his activity last month where he quit out the game abruptly, saying that he “didn’t feel like doing anything”, leading some of his over 3.8 million Twitch followers to question how much longer the game would hold its attraction for him.

It seems from his comments that, though the game is probably not about to disappear from his streams just yet, it’s possible that we might start to see him try out some other things, given his dabblings in a variety of other titles in recent months.

For example, he helped to grow the player fanbase for Sea of Thieves through his sailorly shenaniganism on Twitch back in January, and has also streamed on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and even Mordhau more recently.

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Given that GTA V RP has been a dominant feature of Summit1g’s streams in the last few months, it is probably unsurprising that he’s starting to suffer a little ennui over the game. Endless car chases, explosions, and high-octane heisting just start to leave the self wanting something more after a time, you know.

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