Bandai Namco announced the update schedule for God Eater 3 versions 1.20 to 1.40 during the God Eater Series 9th Anniversary Official Broadcast today.

Get the schedule below.

Version 1.20 (early spring)

  • Class Certification Missions

    God Eater 3

    • Addition of “Class Certification Missions” as new challenge content. Essentially rank-based missions, the difficulty will gradually increase as new missions are unlocked. A new Aragami named Amen Rah will also appear. Clearing these missions will earn players rewards.
  • System

    God Eater 3

    • Addition of skin color change feature to the costume equipment screen.
    • Addition of password setting feature to Assault Missions.
  • Character Customization

    God Eater 3

    • New NPC costumes added. Some costumes have separate tops and bottoms. Color variations are also being prepared.
    • New hairstyles added. There are more than just the ones pictured.
    • New accessories added, which can be obtained as rewards for clearing Class Certification Missions.
  • Aragami

    • Adjusted Havakiri’s motions and AI.
    • Adjusted the HP of Neva’s body parts.
    • Adjusted the frequency of Ashland Aragami devour attacks.
  • Action

    • Reduced the charge time for every devour action, and increased the pre-activation and post-devour motion speed.
    • Increased the motion speed of armor deployment when guarding.
    • Shortened the knock-back distance of “Standard Guard” and “Just Guard.”
    • Added ability to change guard direction during jump guards.
    • Adjusted the activation conditions for some Accelerator Triggers.
    • Advanced Guard added to Buster Blade.
    • Advanced Step and Advanced Jump added to Short Blade.
    • Reduced post-fire cancellation timing for the Long Blade’s Impulse Edge.
    • Increased the activation motion speed for the Long Blade’s Zero Stance.
    • Reduced the Charge Spear’s charge completion time.
    • Extended button time window for the Variant Scythe’s “Hell or Heaven” Burst Art.
    • Adjusted the Link Burst Bullet so that it does not disappear if it touches the field.
    • Adjusted the recovery attribute Module so that it does not disappear if it touches the field.
    • Adjusted the speed of the “starting to walk” and “starting to run” motions at the base.

Version 1.30 (spring)

  • Additional Story Missions – Adds story missions that depict the story after the game’s ending.

    God Eater 3

    God Eater 3

    God Eater 3

  • Additional Companion NPCs – Adds Keith and Neil as new companion NPCs.

    God Eater 3

    God Eater 3

  • Additional Assault Missions
  • Character Customization

    • Additional costumes.
    • Additional accessories.

Version 1.40 (early summer)

  • Time Attack Missions (title tentative) – Adds “Time Attack Missions” (title tentative) as new side game content.

Other plans are also in progress.

God Eater 3 launched for PlayStation 4 on December 13, 2018 in Japan, and is due out for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe and PC worldwide on February 8.

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