NG, the second title in Experience’s “spirit horror” series, is coming to PlayStation 4 on February 21, 2019 in Japan, the developer announced. It first launched for PS Vita in September.

Here is the package artwork:


The PlayStation 4 version includes readjustments for each image, “allowing you to experience a new ‘fear’ told by ‘horror x outlaw’ with even greater presence.”

First-print purchases of the PlayStation 4 version will include the game’s original soundtrack, which features background music from NG, as well as the Death Mark voice drama “How to Make Good Coffee.”

Read more about the game itself here.

Experience also announced that the first entry in its spirit horror series, Death Mark, which has shipped over 100,000 copies worldwide, will receive both a novel and comic in Japan. While both works are based on the game, they feature character developments and scenes not depicted in the game’s story. The novel is written by Hitomi Amamiya and will launch on February 20, 2019 for 1,300 yen under the publishing of PHP Institute. The comic is written by Ena and will launch in February for an unknown price under the publishing of Kakkiteki.

View the first set of NG screenshots on PlayStation 4 at the gallery.

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