Saber Interactive has released a new trailer for four-player cooperative game World War Z introducing its six playable classes.

Here is an overview of each class, via IGN:

  • Exterminator: Uses Molotov cocktails and gets increased fire damage.
  • Fixer: Has an explosive ammo case and perks that restore teammate ammo.
  • Gunslinger: The tank class. Focused on high weapon damage and ammo-boosting perks.
  • Hellraiser: Armed with C4 and other explosives.
  • Medic: The healer class. Has a Stim Pistol to heal teammates from a distance.
  • Slasher: Melee focused and equipped with a taser. This class’s perks focus on increasing close-quarter damage.

World War Z is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Watch the trailer below.

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